About us

The AudioM Amplification is a story of an electronics student and guitarist. A story of a young man’s vision searching for a new, unique sound.

Soon after he started researching, AudioM G8391 hybrid amp head prototype was born.  Several years later, in 2013, came the idea of creating the name “AudioM Amplification”.  So, the AudioM project finally started. After about two years of hard  work spent in a lab with a lot of passion, researching, experimenting in simulation and live mode,  the engineers in AudioM finally came up with the very first line of AudioM products,  the four models of Distortion-Sustain guitar units: AM DS1 “ЏЏ”, AM DS2 “ЖЏЏ”, AM DS3 “ЏЏЏ”, AM DS4 “ЖЏЏЏ”. The general idea was to create new and innovative guitar effect units which can create many sounds for many styles.

We, AUDIOM Amplification, will never state that we are the best, but we truly want to be better in bringing the unique and satisfactory sound equipment to our dear artists whom chose to put the Audiom name in the chain of their music and sound (re)production system.  Of course, we are now and will always in future working hard on these goals.


Gogi Vr Pro


AUDIOM Amplification :: Because Sound Matters!