Distortion AM DS3 ЏЏЏ

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Produt Description

The AudioM Distortion AM DS3 ЏЏЏ is a guitar unit effect pedal which delivers distortion and sustain to the guitar signal applied to its input. This product is handmade by AUDIOM Amplification and is designed and manufactured in pure analog audio technology. Using FETs as an active elements and input buffers, in a combination with all other passive elements, this pedal delivers high quality, modern and yet vintage distorted shape of the guitar sound.

The AM DS3 pedal has two modes of operation, which actually means that it contains two effect units placed in one box. The 2 modes of the AM DS3 pedal are simply named as Mode A and Mode B. The Mode A uses classic symmetric clipping technique, while the Mode B uses very innovative AudioM unique dynamic and yet symmetric clipping technique, which brings new spirit in the guitar distortion effect sounds.

The other six controls on the AM DS3 pedal are user adjustable by rotary potentiometers, allowing the user to adjust the basic settings of the Distortion/Sustain unit in a way to match the user’s desired sound. These six controls sets the Distortion level, tone by 3-band controls Low, Middle and High, Sustain and master Level of the output signal delivered from the AM DS3 pedal unit.


Product Features

The AudioM Distortion AM DS3 ЏЏЏ is designed as classic guitar effect pedal, placed in high quality aluminum enclosure box for easy of use with leg and for long-lasting heavy duty use. The pedal features:

  • DISTORTION Knob Control;
  • Tone: LOW, MIDDLE & HIGH Knob Control;
  • SUSTAIN Knob Control;
  • LEVEL Knob Control;
  • MODE Changing Switch (A/B);
  • BYPASS Switch (true bypass);
  • Green LED On/Off Indicator;
  • IN/OUT Connectors 6.35mm standard mono;
  • DC Power Supply Connector (2.1mm center-negative);


Product Specifications

Input Impedance: 469.8 kΩ (113.44 dB) at 1 kHz;
Output Impedance: ~9 kΩ (79.09 dB) at 1 kHz;
Nominal Output Level:
38.5 dB (all flat controls);
Noise Spectral Density: 2.83 mV/Hz at 1 kHz;
Total RMS Noise: 280.82 mV (in band from 20 Hz to 20 kHz);
Controls: Bypass Switch, DIST Knob, LOW Knob, MID Knob, HIGH Knob, SUST Knob, LEVEL Knob, MODE Switch;
ON/OFF Indicator: Green LED;
Connectors: INPUT Connector, OUTPUT Connector, AC Adaptor Connector (9 V DC);
Power Supply: External (not included);
Current Draw: 4 mA (OFF), 14 mA (ON) at 9 V DC;
Dimensions: W 95 x D 120 x H 55 [mm];
Weight: 385 g (+/- 5 g);
Accessories: User’s Manual;

Download User’s Manual

Price: 170