AUDIOM Amplification provide the warranty of its products in a period of 5 years.

The period of 5 years warranty starts from the date when the customer buy this product from the store in one of the official AudioM dealers. The dealer will provide to the customer an Warranty Declaration List as official document in which the date of warranty start will be declared.

Warranty conditions

The warranty of the AudioM products is well defined under certain conditions and any other problem which is not described here or which is caused by using this product against the manufacturer’s defined and suggested conditions will not be an object of warranty!

The AudioM warranty do not cover:

1. Rotary potentiometers and their plastic knobs.
2. The On/Off foot-switch.
3. Any other external switch of the product.
4. Physical/mechanical damage of the product or its component.
5. Damage of the product electronics caused by using the external power supply which doesn’t satisfy the AudioM specifications declared for that product.
6. Damage of the product while using it under certain operating environment conditions which are not suggested by the manufacturer. (For ex. product comes in contact with water during its normal operation or product is exposed on fire, etc.)

The AudioM warranty cover:

1. Normal operation of the product electronics (PCB board, wired connections and electronics elements) if used under defined and proper conditions.
2. Product performance during warranty period even with the aging of the installed electronics components.

All AudioM products are handmade and even though they pass series of tests, mistakes can be done and AudioM guarantees that these production made mistakes will be covered by AudioM. However, AudioM will not cover any damage of its products made during transportation, shipping or by third party entities.